A to Z Challenge, V is for Vacation!

This past weekend, my husband, kids and I went back to my old stomping grounds in Kentucky, where I was born and raised.  A couple of things before I continue:

  1. I hadn’t been on a vacation in 6 years, so this was a nice break;
  2. What better place to go when you finally get to take a vacation than somewhere filled with memories?  Lots of nostalgia this weekend; and
  3. Family will always be of upmost importance to me.

A few pictures from our weekend, captioned with the events we attended:

It was a really great trip.  We spent time with family, ate at some of my favorite restaurants, watched some football with all of the loudmouthed Smith crew, swam a little in the hotel pool, did quite a bit of shopping, went to the church wherein I was raised, ate some good food, and laughed with our Gran.  This trip encompassed everything I wanted in a vacation, and I realized that I need to visit home more often.  In fact, I promised my family that I would be back around New Year’s.


Meg / cC


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