50 Reasons to Find a Husband

  1. His t-shirts make great pajamas.
  2. He comes equipped with a hammer and wrench and he will use them both at your discretion.
  3. He doesn’t care if you spend all weekend NOT wearing a bra.
  4. He puts his arms around you when you’re cold.
  5. He’s a human ladder/jungle gym for your children.
  6. He knows what tampons and kind of chocolate to buy.
  7. He sits with you at all of your doctor’s appointments.
  8. He tells jokes that make you laugh.
  9. He rubs your feet.
  10. He never makes you beg for kisses.
  11. He tells you you’re pretty even when you know good and well you look like you’ve been hit by a bus.
  12. He drives you wherever you want to go.
  13. He holds your bags at the mall.
  14. He lets you pick the movie.
  15. And the snacks.
  16. And the drink.
  17. And won’t even ask you to share.
  18. He is always available to handle automotive emergencies.
  19. He’s a fun drinking buddy.
  20. He won’t judge you if you scream at the t.v. during the game. In fact, he may even join you.
  21. He lets you pick the restaurant.
  22. And dessert.
  23. He lets you pick the radio station.
  24. And he thinks it’s cute when you sing along, even off-key.
  25. He transforms into the perfect bodyguard whenever appropriate.
  26. He kills all the bugs, mice and snakes.
  27. He’s always on time, and he will wait for you.
  28. He takes five minutes to get ready, which leaves you with an entire bathroom all to yourself.
  29. He brings you Tylenol when you have a headache.
  30. He lets you pick out all of your clothes. He’s like your own personal mannequin.
  31. He is always okay with eating sandwiches for dinner.
  32. He kisses you on the forehead.
  33. His bicep makes the perfect pillow.
  34. He buys you presents just because.
  35. He takes you to the animal shelter to look at all the puppies.
  36. He loves you the way you are.
  37. He would take a literal bullet for you. Or shoot one at someone else if you asked.
  38. He lets you cry on his shoulder when you’ve had a bad day, and he doesn’t even make you feel like a psycho for crying.
  39. He picks up heavy boxes for you when you want them moved.
  40. And he’ll help you rearrange furniture until you’re happy with the room layout.
  41. He defends you, even if he thinks you’re wrong.
  42. He calls you “Sweetheart.”
  43. He spent a lot of time picking out your wedding ring.
  44. He watches Friends with you, and he even pretends to enjoy it.
  45. He never cares whether or not you wear make-up.
  46. But he doesn’t care if you spend hundreds of dollars on it.
  47. He rubs your back if you say it hurts.
  48. He works hard to provide for you and your kids.
  49. He plays “catch” with your kids in the heat, so that you don’t have to sweat.
  50. He always smells handsome.

I would highly recommend finding a husband. They’re the best.

Or maybe it’s just mine?


Meg / cC


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