If I Won the Lottery…

What would you do if you won the lottery?  – Micah P.

Good question, Micah. And I do know the answer to your question because I have thought about it, in GREAT detail, my whole adult life!

  1. Get out of debt. I mean completely out of debt. Pay off my car, our credit card, Jack’s student loans, our furniture. EVERYTHING. That way, we can start from scratch with what’s leftover.
  2. Quit my job. There are a lot of people who say they’d still work if they won the Powerball. I am not one of them. I love my job, but I have been employed since I was 16 years old, and I need a break – to be a mom, to travel, to do “me” things that I’ve never gotten the chance to do.
  3. Set up college funds for my kids. Cassie will be in college in two years, and she’ll need help paying for it, I’m sure. So Jack and I would make sure she got to do that. Lexi and Jameson will be in college within the next 10 to 15 years, so an interest-bearing bank account would work best for them.
  4. Have another baby. My tubes are tied, so the odds of my getting pregnant these days are slim to none. But I want to have a baby with Jackie. So I’d spend whatever money was necessary in order to get pregnant. I’d actually even hope for twins.
  5. Take the ULTIMATE family vacation. I want to take the kids back to Disney (now that they’re old enough to remember going). I want the Cinderella Suite, breakfast with Mickey and Minnie, pictures with all of the princesses – the whole nine. To see the smiles on my babies’ faces is worth every penny spent. And of course, we’d stop by Sea World, too, because that’s my favorite!
  6. Build a house. I’m not talking about this elaborate six story house that we won’t be able to afford to pay taxes on. I just want enough space for all of the kids to have a room and a bathroom, and I want a large living room. A one story, four bedroom, four bathroom home, with an in-ground pool. I want gray brick with white shutters, a wraparound white porch, a white fenced in back yard, and a back deck along the pool for grilling. The expense will come, really, with all of the decorating. I am a huge fan of stainless steel, so we’d have to have stainless steel appliances. I also like the country cottage look, so there would be a lot of bright and warm colors, like light blue and red, yellow and coral, and gray and teal, as well as lace and paisley prints, and the “distressed” look on my furniture. I would spend a lot of time shopping and decorating myself – because, as my boyfriend would tell you, only I can do it the right way.
  7. In the back of my property, I would put a rather large guest house for my future mother-in-law and let her decorate it exactly the way she wants to. She has worked hard her whole life, and she deserves to be taken care of. She would need a one bedroom, one bathroom, with a kitchenette and a t.v. as big as she wants. This way, she has privacy, but she can still see her son and grandkids as much as she wants.
  8. Since my parents are still young and working, I would give them money to build the house they want, but can’t afford, to build. My dad is such a good, hardworking man, and he has done SO much for me over the past 15 years. I would definitely pay him back, tenfold, for everything he’s done for me. He deserves that $150,000 house that he can’t afford, and he will get it.
  9. Jack’s mom will also need a new car. Hers is beat to death. So we’d have to take her to pick out what she wanted.
  10. Our oldest girl will also need a new car.
  11. Jack and I would have three different vehicles. I want a Suburban, gray, with leather interior, and Bluetooth capabilities. Jack wants a truck – probably a 4×4 Chevrolet, four door. And I’d also want a jeep to cruise around town in, with the top down.

Once a family has a house and vehicles, they really don’t need anything else. Everything in addition to that is just a bonus.

All of this will likely never happen, by the way, as we only play the lottery once in a blue moon. But if I ever do get rich, I know exactly how to handle my new bank account!!




Easter Weekend Fun!

A few pictures from our Easter weekend.  Although it wasn’t nearly as long as I’d have preferred, we all had a really great time with family and friends.

Our weekend festivities started with a little fishing trip at Jack’s mom’s house. She has a pond in her front yard, and it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, we caught absolutely nothing, except a dogfish, pictured here. Our Zeek loves to swim, obviously. He was filthy, but he had a lot of fun!  Josie also got a little swim in, but here, she is trying to dry off after falling off of the levee.  Her poor little legs couldn’t handle such deep waters.
When we got back home, our nephew, Aiden (left) came over to spend the night. We kept our tradition of dying eggs the night before Easter. It was a colorful, stinky mess, but it was worth it – look how happy our babies are!
I found these Egg Face stickers at the store while buying Easter basket items, and thought they would look cute on ours. I was right! Our crazy Egg Family.
This is my sister, Nic. We snagged a picture together on Sunday after church.
Jack and I, in the car after Easter service.
Doesn’t my man look hunky in blue?
The kids and I before they changed out of their Easter outfits. They have to be the cutest babies in the whole world.
Sibling love. They were so ready to change clothes.
Jameson and Aiden after the egg hunt at my parents’ house. All of the kids participated, and there is more candy in our house right now than at Halloween or any other holiday.
Jack and my sweet future daughter, Cassie. I cannot wait until he and I are married so that I can call her mine, too.

Not pictured:

  1. The fish we ate at my parents’ after church.  Catfish, fries, hushpuppies, deviled eggs, and the banana pudding poke cake I made for dessert;
  2. Aiden jumping up and down in a mud hole after the egg hunt;
  3. My fat gut – I am definitely making weight loss a priority at this point;
  4. My ankle, swollen and sore after an afternoon of walking and standing;
  5. The entire loaf of bread that Zeek jumped onto the counter and grabbed, that was supposed to be used to pack our lunches this week, which he opened and ate;
  6. The huge piles of laundry in our bedroom that remain unfolded;
  7. Me, on the couch on Saturday morning, in hysterics because Sophia was found in Zombie form on Season 2 of The Walking Dead;
  8. The kids’ actual Easter Bunny presents.  We had a scavenger hunt on Saturday morning, and Jack shot a video of it instead of taking pictures;
  9. My bed head after my 4 hour nap on Friday afternoon; and
  10. The face I made after Jameson spilled chocolate milk all over himself and the couch on Sunday night.

It was a great weekend, eve though I’m still exhausted.  It’s almost time to leave work for the day.  I’m going straight home to fold that laundry!